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Drawn to Life

I gotta bunch of new DS games recently and the one I like best is Drawn to Life. In many ways, it's like any classic side-scrolling adventure game. It's actually pretty crude by today's standards assessed on most scales. The difference is that in Drawn to Life, you get to sketch your own hero and a lot of the various objects in the world. There are a variety of default templates to choose from, but the most interesting results are when you pick up the stylus and attempt to create something yourself. Given my juvenile sense of humor and complete lack of artistic skills, I went with something simple.

So there's my hero, a giant ambulatory Penis.

Here he is in the fields where the town farmer is raising a fine crop of penises for the next generation.

And standing above the resturant where today only, penises are half off.

In every adventure there has to be a dark and evil villain. In this case, they consist of weird little ink blob guys.

Luckily, Mr. Penis is armed with his patented Penis Gun.

And here he is, sending off a wad of spooge in the name of justice.

I just know there are people out there creating little works of art in crafting their Drawn to Life heroes. They might be artisticly superior but I'll bet Mr. Penis can kick all their asses.
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