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Fuck the Jena 6 and the ignorant assholes who support them

I meant to get around to this idiocy ages ago but it was just another thing I tossed on a back burner and then forgot about even as it was boiling over and making a mess. To reiterate, if you are a member of the 'Jena 6', Fuck You and the donkey you rode in on. A double Fuck You goes to all the asshats who marched around down there and the choads who led them. It's a sad day when the civil rights movement has to relie on trying to elevate these half dozen jackasses as a symbol of the struggle. I've even heard some mental deficients whining about how they're like the Duke Lacrosse playes and claiming that it's racism that white americans and others haven't rallied around the Jena 6 like some did for the lacrosse players.

Well, lets see. In the case of the Duke Lacrosse players, they were falsely accused of a series of crimes for which they were proved to be demonstratively innocent. The city and district attorney proceeded despite ample evidence of the fact that the players were innocent and no sane individual looking at the whole of the case can come to the conclusion that a rape occurred. On the otherhand, we have 6 individuals who together attacked one person, knocking him unconscious in front of dozens of witnesses and then proceeding to kick him while he was lying prone on the floor. Are you fucking kidding me? How in the world are these two cases even at all comparable? In one the people charged were completely fucking innocent. In the other, they're demonstratively guilty of assault at the very least. Maybe people didn't jump to their defense because they're FUCKING GUILTY. Free the Jena 6, my ass. They did the crime and they should do the time.

About the only justification for this entire circus might be the idea of whether or not the prosecutor over charged in the case. I'm willing to grant that there is room for debate there yet instead of arguing they should be charged with aggravated assault, the marching shitstains down there are chanting for them to be given a pass? Fuck you.

Somehow I can't help but think if some black teenagers had hung up a sign that said 'Kill Whitey' and then 3 months later 6 white football players beat the snot out of a black kid and kicked him unconscious, Sharpton and the rest of his rejects would be screaming hate crime for the attack.
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