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You know, I thought for sure I'd never get a good chance to use that image before next summer. I'm not even sure where I stumbled across it, but it just goes to show you should always save whacky pictures for a rainy (or scorching) day.

I dunno how it is where the rest of you are, but the thermostat is reading 89 degrees here with a good chunk of humidity to boot. Add it all up and it apparently feels like it's over 90 degrees outside. Of course, with my AC and fan going, I'm managing to ignore nature's little temperature hiccup. I'm sure plenty of people who like summer weather are out enjoying themselves but it's never been my sort of thing. Besides, the scare ball is out there blazing and that's always a downer in my opinion.

From what the weather channel is telling me, by friday the high will plummet back down to 64 degrees so I guess people should enjoy it while it lasts. Since it costs more in energy to heat a home than cool it, I'm sure there are some hippies out there happy at the turn. Of course, there are just as likely to be others shrieking about global warming. It's probably a point of irony that we've ended up removing some of the things that keep the earth cool like acid rain. I was just reading something the other day which suggests that a likely contributor to the little ice age back in the middle ages was the presence of sulfuric acid particles in the air and the acid rain it caused. If all else fails, we can have acid rain battle global warming in a cage match to determine the temeperature of the globe.
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