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A hard habit to give up

I keep feeling this urge to make additional icons. The entire thing is sort of addicting really. It's also cumbersome and a monumental pain in the ass sometimes. I don't have the right programs or tools to make it easy and the process is like trying to paint a picture using finger paints. I end up making a mess half the time and simply wasting time.

Still, it is sorta entertaining when it works out.

Right now, I'm listening to The Fifth Elephant on audiobook again and I found a really great picture of toast cut into soldiers with egg. The entire turn of phrase had baffled me at first but a quick google search cleared it up. Now I'm trying to think of what sort of icon I could make with the picture. I've also got a spiffy imagine of the ankh-morpork city watch seal I'm trying to work in too. Hmmm.....


Okay. I finished up something. Let me know what you think:

Tags: book club: discworld, userpics

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