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Mychal Bell of 'Jena 6' ordered to juvenile facility

(CNN) -- A black Louisiana teenager at the center of the racially charged "Jena 6" case was ordered Thursday to spend 18 months in a juvenile facility, after a judge ruled he had violated his probation for earlier juvenile convictions, a source with knowledge of the court proceedings said.

Mychal Bell, 17, who was freed two weeks ago after his adult criminal conviction for beating a white classmate was overturned, was sent to the Renaissance Home for Youth in Alexandria, Louisiana, the source said.

The decision came at the end of a two-day juvenile court hearing that was closed to the media and public.

Carol Powell-Lexing, one of Bell's attorneys, said the judge's decision would be appealed.

Bell was freed on $45,000 bail on September 27, after an appeals court threw out his conviction on battery and conspiracy charges in adult court and remanded the case to juvenile court.

But Judge J.P. Mauffrey agreed with prosecutors that Bell had violated the probation he was given for four previous juvenile offenses, including two simple battery charges, the sources said.

A bit back I ranted and frothed at the mouth over the whole Jena 6 situation. I haven't changed my mind about what I saw was a ridiculous display all around, but I'm willing to open the door a crack to the concept I might have been overly harsh. lucystrawberry suggested that the protest to 'free the jena 6' might have mostly been directed toward wanting to get Mychal Bell, one of the defendants, bail rather than simply an arguement that he and everyone else should be let go scott free. While I didn't think that fit what I had been hearing from protestors and those bloggers who support the Jena 6, it is a possibility.

Anyway, Mychal Bell was given bail while the process worked its way through the courts and as you can see from the news article from CNN, the ruling just came down that he violated his probation. That was certainly beyond doubt in this case, regardless of how the criminal trial for the fight will go. The ruling was pretty par for the course. Since he violated his probation, he was forced to serve the remaining amount of time that he had. That's pretty much always the way it works and is the entire idea behind probation. If you violate it, you serve the rest of your sentence.

Now I'll just sit back and see if this still raises a storm of protests and chants of free the jena 1 or whatever. If what the protesters wanted was due process, then they got it. The ruling was right down the line of precident and what is usually done. Note, I'm going to ignore Al Sharpton's contribution right off the bat. His race baiting contributions were almost guarenteed and it wouldn't be fair to judge the entire group based on his actions. If you're curious, he immediately came out and called the ruling 'revenge', which seems pretty ridiculous.
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