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Searching for validation

Welp, it seems that LJ has updated its V-Gifts for the halloween season according to an email I just got. In addition, they enabled a free $1 voucher so I, as a paid member, can send out one for free.

Now, these virtual gifts always seemed like idiocy to me. I'm sure that they're a fantastic revenue stream but it always amazes me that people are willing to spend money on them. I mean, what's the point? It displays on your user profile for a couple weeks and then poof, it's gone. Does its emphermal presence really brighten up the page or make a person feel better? I sometimes wonder if there are v-gift hors out there trying to accumilate as many as they can as a form of validation. Hey, if a half dozen near strangers are willing to spend a dollar on me, I must be loved!

Anyway, now that I've knocked the hell out of the v-gifts, I'm opening up a contest of sorts.

I deserve to or should get a v-gift because.....

The person with the most interesting/amusing/pathetic/whatever category I come up with at the time, gets the v-gift. I get to pick which one though :).

Lets set an end date on this. Entries must be received by Wednesday, October 17th.
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