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Lessons from Limeyland

It's probably understating things to say that a person learns something new every day, but the one that will stick in my mind for today involves Conkers. I was reading CNN earlier today and out of curiosity clicked on a video linked entitled Bonkers over Conkers. It turns out that it's some sort of whacky Limey game that involves drilling holes in nuts and then bashing them against each other. If you smash someone else's nut apart with your nut, you win and gain a point. In case you're curious, you can find more information at the wikipedia page on the subject.

Now, usually I'd just go on with my day with nary more than a thought that the Limeys are weird but I had a flash of recognition. In one of the discworld books, Pratchett referenced conkers and I had never gotten it before. Vimes is walking along a street of the working poor while investigating a crime and thinking back to the games that the street kids would play. I don't recall the others off the top of my head but one of them was dead rat conkers. I gave it no thought at the time, just writing it off as some children's game I didn't get. Now I'm happily entertained by the idea of people trying to bash rats open with other rats. I guess it only counts if you manage to get one of them to split open and ooze.

It's the little joys that matter.
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