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Worlds Collide

It's always sort of interesting when two of your seperate interests or fandoms come crashing together in unexpected ways. I imagine for most people this probably involves some piece of slash or shipping in which diverse characters meet in unlikely situations in order to swap biological samples. In the case I just stumbled over, it's a clash between Tanga and True Dungeon Treasure Tokens.

A while back, Tanga solicited people to send in random bits of flotsom. The items would all be assembled into a collage of sorts and the whole thing would then be turned into a jigsaw puzzle. Welp, the puzzle has finally become avaliable for sale at a price of $14.99 plus shipping. The interesting part is what someone mailed in for the puzzle.

In case you can't immediately find Waldo, here's a blowup:

Surprise, surprise. It seems sorta fitting that it appears next to the money. I wonder if any particular thought was put into sending in 50' of role as opposed to some other token. Or maybe someone just dropped a handful into an envelope and that's what the Tanga guys decided to use in the end.

I'm not inclined to buy a copy of the puzzle but the unexpected confluence was a dash of unexpected happy.
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