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Cookiepuss hates hippies

Eh, remember that cookiepuss video I snipped out of an episode of The Critic a while back? In a stark example of the idea that people will watch anything, I got an email notification that someone had actually left a comment on the darn thing. I popped over to take a peek, assuming it was some bot leaving porn/viagra spam but it seems to actually be a real comment. Go figure.

I also wasn't aware of this but youtube apparently tracks where clicks come from for a video you upload. I saw my LJ there, no surprise, but there was also some myspace page listed. I can only assume some guy stumbled across it and then blogged or linked to it from there.

I went to the myspace page and it was all I could do to keep from projectile vomiting. It was covered in hippie bullshit like the ABC's of peace. The entire page is a prime example of why I wish myspace users would just all spontaneously combust. Everything from the graphiced up nightmare to that fucking song that he's got playing in the background. 'Don't be afraid, it's only love?' Hey, you better be afraid there, hippie because the sort of love I'd like to share at the moment involves skullfucking.
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