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And the winner is.....

Well, the V-Gift contest has been concluded and I'm happy to announce that our winner is back2me. Five people entered the competition and her response was judged to be the most amusing. More than likely that just means the rest of you wankers just didn't put any effort into it.

The V-Gift order has been placed and should appear at midnight tonight. Woooo. I also found out a couple of other interesting facts while going through the process. First, the store dosen't provide change when you use a gift certificate whozit. Not that I really wanted my penny back, but still....a penny saved, right? Second, it turns out that I have a second dollar in there for some reason. Maybe I missed some LJ email from ages back and this wasn't the first time they passed out a buck. Anything's possible. What that means is that I'll probably be running another one of these suckers are some point and you're all encouraged to hone your wit (or develop some as the case may be) for the next go around. It might make for a nice thing to do around christmas time.

Anyway, check out the v-gift when it pops up tommorrow if you want. It should appear in the profile in a couple of hours if I did it right.

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