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Bubbling on the stove

I feel like crap warmed over.

It's been a pretty blech day all around and it's like I've been subjected to the whole death from a thousand cuts idea. There are a lot of things that are just chipping away at me right now. Everything from the insomnia and general sleep disturbance to the pain issues. What's most obnoxious about the latter is that it's nothing horrendous exactly so I haven't been going out of my way to medicate it. That means that I'm left with issues that are above the point of detection by a good measure but not so bad I'm popping a lot of opiates. It's like walking around with a sharp pebble constantly in your shoe or sleeping on a handful of d4's. The whole thing just grates at you and I'm left feeling incredibly muddleheaded and incessantly crappy.

I just shot up with some more Enbrel a couple hours ago and to my complete lack of surprise, it still dosen't seem to be doing anything worthwhile. Feh. On the plus side, now that my fear of needles has been managed, it opens up whole new possibilities such as being a heroin junkie one day. The entire process still kicks up a good chunk of stress and sends the heart racing, but at least I can get it over and done with without any real fuss.

Tags: chronic pain, insomnia

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