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Since it's almost Halloween, you have the obligatory horror stories and warnings from yesteryear popping up. There'll be some gobbilygook about someone who almost swallowed a razor blade hidden in a candy bar and of course you can't forget the whole dangerous costimes angle. A CNN video report of the following news story just popped up about the latter.

Pulaski, WI -- A fiery Halloween costume serves as a warning for everyone. Surveillance video shows a Wisconsin man burn as his costume catches fire. He made his sheep costume to match his girlfriend's Little Bo Beep. While at a bar someone lit it on fire while he was still in it.

He suffered severe burns but will be okay. He hopes his accident will serve as a lesson to others to be careful this Halloween.

I dunno. The lesson to me dosen't seem to be one of safety as much as that you shouldn't dressup like a dingus for your girlfriend. I mean, jeez. Maybe this guy should have considered growing a pair. Sure, she's hot and everything, but you have to draw the line somewhere, right? Besides, since she didn't appear in the CNN story, I'm assuming that she's long gone by now. There's another lesson. Women are temporary, but 3rd degree burns, well, those last a lifetime.

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