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I came dressed up as someone recovering from dysentery

Well, okay, it certainly wasn't dysentery but it might as well have been considering how incapacitating it was. I'm still not sure exactly what caused it but I ended up spending a frakking god awful day spewing my guts out from all directions. I normally would have suspected food poisoning but I don't think I actually ate anything that other people didn't also try, and none of them became ill. In the end, I have absolutely no clue what caused it and it chalks up as the second worse experience I've had in memory along such lines. The first was a few months ago and tossed in chills and weakness into the mix.

All in all, the sorry incident lasted from late friday/early saturday till late saturday afternoon. That's one thing that's always been a plus. I almost never get knocked down by things like food poisoning or the flu for very long. As bad as it is, nothing ever goes for more than a day. Once I was sure I was going to live, I even managed to sort myself out and I haded over to the Bills Halloween party for a few hours. Nothing overly exciting there, though some blessed soul had decided to bring cupcakes and that totally destroyed myself-admonition to not eat anything for a while. You have to risk it for cupcakes. It's a fact of life.

We ended up playing around 4 games of werewolf while I was there. Like normal, the villages were pretty ignorant and the werewolves only lost once. I was instrumental in that one victory as the seer leading my poor benighted and ignorant serfs to victory. After that, a few people wandered downstairs where there were Wii bowling and tennis competitions. I mostly just flopped about and chitchatted with people about random gobbilygook.

The last of us stragglers all headed out around 10:30 or so. Just as well it was still rather early because I was exhausted. Cumilative sleep deprivation added to almost no sleep the night before and by the time I got home I just about collapsed. I spent most of the day asleep, waking up only to pop more pills or grab something to eat. I'm feeling almost normal again, whatever that means.

Oh, and my sister had her baby shower today. I hadn't planned on attending anyway but I hear now that things went well. The entire baby thing freaks me out a little so I try not to spend much time thinking about it. I've never been fond of rugrats overall and having pregnant siblings just seems sorta weird to me. She seems happy enough about the whole deal and spent the past couple of days with my other sister baking piles and piles of cookies for the shower.
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