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Drinking your way to success

Some of you may remember from a while ago when I got all excited about finding what I thought was an empty, yet still sealed, can of coke. It ended up having a teeny hole found upon further inspection and I was left feeling dejected and gypped. Well, it seems that I actually have found a mistake can this time around. Just like last time it was in a 12-pack of coke though instead of being empty it still has some liquid rattling around in it. I would guestimate that it's still 15% full or thereabouts. I checked and double checked and there's no hole in the can anywhere. I even tried to squish it from the sides just in case I had missed something and couldn't due to the internal pressure. The experiment did leave me with a slightly deformed-looking can however.

I'm not sure exactly what to do with the thing and I'm sure it has absolutely no value. Well, I'm sure the coke people would replace it if I made them aware of it, but that hardly seems worth the effort. I am sorta curious if it's actually just normal coke in there. Would it still be carbonated? Was there some other booboo that might have occurred in the production process? Until I come up with a better idea, it's just going to sit on my desk here as an oddity I guess. If anyone has any ideas of what to do with it, let me know. Maybe there's someone out there that collects crap like this.
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