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Twas the night before Halloween

Well, not really. Not yet, anyway. I'm afraid that this entry didn't exactly begin with much content in mind. It was simply a cheap ploy to get people to look at the garfield icon I just put together. Someone over in a community provided some bases from the old garfield halloween book and I decided to mod it a little. A very little really since this whole icon making buisness still confounds me. I never realized how much of a problem it is find a font color and style that is visable across a smear of different background colors. I already started and then gave up halfway through on trying to get a couple other different icon attempts to mesh together.

Anyway, I guess if you've slogged through all of that crap and ramble you deserve something with content. Ummm. I still remember reading the garfield book when I was a kid and I think that I still have the book somewhere in my closet at this very moment not 5 feet away. It's amazing how even little snippets of pictures will bring back something you had forgotten about for years. I seem to recall that there was even an animated version of the story because I have this clear image of garfield opening his mouth and candy raining into it.

Aha! Found it. Thank you again youtube. So now you have interesting content with which to entertain yourselves and there can be no complaints.

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