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And damnation

The past day and a half or so has been frakking awful. I'm never left knowing why but it's only now that I'm really feeling better. It really seems that the level of pain and discomfort I experience has very little if anything to do with how much codeine I end up taking. It's all just a craps shoot and I end up looking at snake eyes more than is good for me lately.

I'm still feeling quite down in general. Nothing much to be done about that either. Considering the mood I'm in, if I run across any end the world devices over the next few days, I wouldn't give the rest of you a snowball's chance in Hades. Sure, it's unlikely I'll happen to find a doomsday weapon I can actually use, but it's a fair warning. You might want to get your affairs in order just in case.
Tags: blah, chronic pain

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