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No better than they should be

So I jotted off a little anti-hippie rant on another journal and it sort of got me to thinking. Almost everyone feels superior to other people in some manner. It's how a lot of us manage to get through the day with a good opinion of ourselves and you find that's true no matter what sort of person we're talking about. Even the most thick-witted troglodyte without any form of redeeming quality feels they excel over the rest of humanity in something. So in what way do you feel you are better than the rest of humanity?

In what way are you superior to most everyone else

Aestheticly (Attractiveness)

If 'Other', how so?

Wheel of vanity, turn turn turn.

For those of you with superiority complexes in multiple arenas, pick the one you think most applies.


I'm starting to think this could almost be the precursor to a LJ gameshow of sorts. Vanity Wars. We have all the people who believe they are superior in each individual category and then have them face off in challenges to prove who is the most superior in that field. I can see the promo clips down. Illusions will be shattered. Egos will be crushed. Do you have what it takes to survive on 'Vanity Wars'? Only the best will survive.
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