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Blasted piece of crap

I loathe the LJ scrapbook. I only just found out that my past fiddling with it resulted in all pictures I've uploaded in the past being restricted from view. I had tinkered with it trying to find a way to disable direct access to the scrapbook. I don't mind if people are able to see the pictures that I use in entries, but I was trying to keep people from being able to just browse through the albums without getting there through the entries. Did that make any sense at all?

Photobucket was so much better and user friendly as opposed to this system but I feel like I should use it since I've paid for it. Besides, I can be pretty sure that the LJ scrapbook will survive as long as LJ itself keeps on going. There's always the offchance that photobucket will implode one of these days and I end up losing all the pictures there or having to relocate them. Just thinking about going back through all my past entries and relinking all the pictures I've ever blogged about makes me feel slightly nauseous. The sheer amount of tedium involved is probably outlawed by the Geneva convention as cruel and unusual torture.

If anyone out there is familiar with scrapbook and can see what I'm doing wrong, let me know. What I want is basically the 'private' feature from photobucket. Basically, you can link to your pictures and once you do, anyone can copy that link or whatever and display the same picture. What they couldn't do is just go right to your photobucket directory and say 'show me all pictures' and see a complete list of them. They'd have to know the url for it, which would effectively mean I had posted it first somewhere.
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