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So, 2 of 3

I originally had this as a comment but I figured this would be just as spiffy. Here's to plasticophelia, everyone raise a glass:

Henwy, due to your recent comments surrounding/concerning me, I decided that you merited your very own livejournal post.

Fucking kick ass. An entire post devoted to me! Woowoo. God knows how much I adore attention and will do anything for it. Errr, wait...that's not me. Damnit, who did I mix myself up with.

You constantly bitch and whine about how everyone elses livejournals are so angsty/depressing/crazy. What the fuck did you think livejournal was about? Livejournal is about as bleedingly emo as you can get. People aren't happy 24/7, and certainly, their journals are going to express and reflect that. If you don't like reading it, get the fuck off of livejournal, instead of making jabs at Amy, Kylie, or me all of the damn time. NO WE'RE NOT HAPPY 24/7 AND NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ IT. Maybe you should consider taking us off of your friends list if you don't like reading it so much.

Wait...LJs aren't for bitching and complaining, only whining and being angsty? I must've missed that somewhere. I knew I should have read the fine print on that terms and conditions page. If they were both options, it's clear you like to do the latter, and I prefer the former. And the problem has never been about people complaining about the ups and downs in their life, everyone has those. It's the incessant, non ending pity party invitations and whining. It's one step above that girl who was posting those pictures of her slicing her arms open with the razor blade.

You are incredibly pretentious. You assumed to know what I was talking about when I posted the lyrics to Crucify. Crucify, for me, is about being tired of relying on other people and letting them walk over you. I was upset at my friends when I posted those lyrics because I felt like I was being walked over. I'm not required to explain whatever I post in my journal because it's MY journal. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then resist the great urge that pertains to clicking on the comment link.

Ah, derrrr. I was commenting on the song and the lyrics, not what had caused you specifically to post it that particular day. God knows what the latter was. Maybe you saw a cloud that reminded you of the desolation of the universe or something but I could hardly have divined that. The song was what was obnoxious and needy, though I guess I can see how you might have mistaken the object due to the similarities.

You're an idiot and I'm taking you off of my friend's list one week from now, so that I can be sure you read this.

Read it obviously, no need to wait.

You're about as jackassinine as one can get.

I could toss off more than a few descriptive adjectives but what's the point. If you haven't seen it and comprehended to date, what are the chances a reiteration will do any good.

Oh, by the way. You're still an idiot.

Good luck on finding some emotional stability one day.

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