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I fell asleep almost immediately after the voice post and only managed to get around 70 minutes of sleep before pain woke me. I've popped some pills and now I'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs until I can get back to bed. In the time I've been up, I've bought 14 james patterson books off of eBay and a hot pink umbrella from eBags. Maybe I'm sublimating my need for sleep with excessive midnight consumerism.

I've always meant to get around to reading Patterson's Alex Cross series from start to finish and I've actually read a few of them here or there, just never in a systematic fashion. I had some of the audiobooks a while back but all of them were lost in the harddrive crash of '05. I found a BIN listing for the first 11 books of the series plus 3 other random works for a total of around $31 shipped and it seemed like a good deal to me. If nothing else, just those 11 books should keep me occupied for at least a couple weeks and likely longer.

Above is a picture of my new umbrella. A few of you might be pondering why I would buy an umbrella since I never use them and even if I were to start, why I would want a pink one. Well, I can tell you flat out that it's not a fashion statement that's for sure. I mentioned a while back that I thought it might be spiffy to make a OotS Monster in the Dark costume for Killer Breakfast next year. In order to do that, I would need a big pink umbrella as the most essential item. A week ago I had spent a hour searching through ebay, google, and every online retailer I could think of looking for an umbrella that would fit the bill. This was the only one that came close without needing significant alterations before even starting. All of the others either had writing or patterns or pictures on it already or were transparent or had other flaws of one form or another. I bookmarked the one from eBags and when I checked tonight I saw they were having a 20% off sale that expires tommorrow so I pulled the trigger. Oh, and because of my purchase, three dollars and something was donated to some breast cancer whozit. All because the item I purchased was pink. Eh.

After checking out I was looking at some of the customer comments about the umbrella and noticed something funny.

It makes me wonder if someone else thinking the exact same thing also bought the item. The odds must be incredibly long, but what other costume could possibly involve hanging 6 feet of fabric off of a hot pink umbrella?

Anyway, if you're reading this, joycehull, it looks like you'll be helping me with another arts and craft project. And by "help", I mean it's your job to put it together while your husband and I sit around playing video games.


I just went and ordered Start of Darkness from Amazon. I figured I might need it in order to get a better closeup shot of those kittens or goblins or whatever the hell it is that's supposed to be on that umbrella. Besides, I had always meant to pick it up and the only reason I didn't get to it earlier this year was because I was going to grab it at gencon. When Rich Burlew pulled out of the con, it just ended up slipping my mind.
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