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Who wants a hand? The leg is free.

BANGALORE, India (CNN ) -- Surgeons in India said a mammoth 40-hour operation on a two-year-old girl born with four arms and four legs was going according to plan.


Patil told reporters the team of 30 surgeons had begun the process of severing Lakshmi from her conjoined twin, which stopped developing in the mother's womb and has a torso and limbs but no head.

AIEEE! It's Kali! It's a very good likness except for the lack of a belt of human heads.

My first thought upon seeing the picture was that it looked like some mad scientists had tried to make a 'spider man' and gotten some of the wires crossed. Instead, he ended up getting an organic sort of Dr Octopus.

According to the CNN article, the people of her home village consider her to be a good luck charm of some sort and a good chunk are against any surgery to correct the problems. Apparently a lot of Hindu gods and goddesses have multiple limbs so they had a plethora to choose from. I guess it has to be better that they figure she can grant blessings rather than runs around consuming the souls of the living.
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