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Freshman who reported swastikas drew them as well

The University found the student who reported several swastikas on her Mitchell Hall door was the one who drew them.

Using footage from a hidden video camera, the University Police Department linked freshman Sarah Marshak with the vandalism. She will now appear before Student Judicial Services and could face federal and District charges, a spokesperson announced Monday afternoon.

In an interview with The Hatchet Monday evening, Marshak, said she only drew the final three of six swastikas on her door in an attempt to highlight what she characterized as GW's inaction. Only hours earlier, Marshak categorically denied the charges.

"I wasn't looking to create this, sort of, insanity," Marshak, who was previously a Hatchet reporter, said in a phone interview. "I wasn't looking to become a media darling. I was just looking for acknowledgment from University that someone drew a swastika on the door."

Marshak said Tara W. Pereira, director of SJS, informed her she would likely be expelled. Marshak said she did not want to leave GW but probably will.

Color me unsurprised. While I'm sure it's a minority of the time, there's good reason to believe that some people end up staging or faking these sort of incidents exactly because they know that it will bring them attention. It's the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theater. They know and we know that the media usually eats this crap up.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't find anything all that impressive about nooses or racial epithets or swastikas or whatever and I don't see the point of throwing a fit over them. That sort of attention only seems to reward the behavior, since it's clear that no one hangs a noose or draws a swastika and wants it to pass unremarked or unnoticed. It would totally defeat the purpose. So instead, we give them exactly what they want when they see people running around having a spazzattack. They're probably laughing their asses off at the reaction. God knows I would be if that were my intention.

While I'm not a fan of hate crime legislation, there is a part of me that hopes that Marshak gets the chair. After all, we want to apply the law equally, don't we? Besides, it would tickle my irony bone to see her convicted. As one Jewish blogger put it on another site: "Sarah Marshak is probably a better Jew than me. Except I never drew swastikas on my own door for attention." Ya.


Man, I love the internet. I went to the blog of the guy I quoted and found a treasure trove of people who claim they know the girl. Of course, they are now sharing all the gossip about her and it's like a catty slapfest. The upshot seems to be that she's an attention-seeking drama queen. No surprise there.

Update to the Update:

This is not an isolated event at GWU it seems. Less than a month ago, flyers popped up all over campus saying 'Hate Muslims? So do we!!!' supposedly from a campus convervative group. It caused all sorts of the same predictable crap. Well, guess what? It turns out the people who put up the flyers and tried to frame the group were....muslims and leftists. Ya. Go figure, eh?
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