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I got my candy exchange package from minxy_baby in the mail today and it's spiffy as hell. Look, it's all Canadian'y with the froggytalk on the wrapper and the weight in grams. I ended up sending her a book instead of candy. I think I got it a while back from one of those sissy gift exchanges at Christmas time. It was a book of stupid American facts, and I think it came from a Canadian to begin with so it's sort of right and fitting that it returns there.

One thing's for sure, these candy bars are too good to eat. I feel like I should use them for some larger purpose. I had been thinking about an icon of some sort, but I don't have any specific ideas at the moment. I wonder if it's possible to spell out anything interesting with the candy bars and then animate the results. With only three, it'd require some pretty deft editing though. Anyone else have any interesting ideas?

What should I do with the Oh Henry! Oh Canada! bars?

Any interesting icon ideas?

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