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Buy 'em while you can

Toy contaminated with 'date rape' drug pulled

NEW YORK (CNN) -- U.S. safety officials have recalled about 4.2 million Chinese-made Aqua Dots bead toys that contain a chemical that has caused some children to vomit and become comatose after swallowing them.

Scientists have found the popular toy's coating contains a chemical that, once metabolized, converts into the toxic "date rape" drug GHB, or gamma-hydroxy butyrate, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman Scott Wolfson told CNN.

"GHB is this drug that in low doses actually causes euphoria," said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent. "In higher doses, it can cause people to go into a coma. It can cause seizures. It can cause something known as hypotonia, where all your muscles just become very flaccid.

"And it can cause people to become amnestic, ... which is why it became a date-rape drug," Gupta said.

"So this is nasty stuff, and it appears that the chemical is actually converting into it in the body."

The arts and craft beads, aimed at children 4 years and older, have been selling since April at major U.S. retail stores as "Aqua Dots" and in Australia under the name "Bindeez Beads."

CPSC spokeswoman Julie Vallese said anyone with Aqua Dots at home should immediately take the toy away from children and contact distributor Spin Master Ltd. to return for free replacement beads or a toy of equal value.

Sounds like it might be a value buy. Toys R Us was selling them for $17-30 a pop and there must be hundreds of beads in a set. A 2-year old apparently swallowed 'several dozen' and went into a coma. Lets assume that that is certainly too much. Considering the difference in mass, an adult might want to start with 10-20 beads and see how it goes.

Hmmm, after some additional research it seems you get 1500 in a refill set for $9. At 20 beads a pop, that could keep you happy for raves the year 'round. You'll have to move fast before they finish pulling them off the shelves though. If all else fails, try to buy it off neighborhood kids for a snickers bar or something.


Rofl. It seems that once again, the druggies are way ahead of me:

There's been a run on various second hand sites where people have been looking to purchase the dots. Hey, a penny saved is a penny earned, right?

The one listing not yet purged from ebay is going for more than 5 times retail:

It was selling for $6.99 a pop just a few days ago.
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