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Ubercon IX

I'm going to give recapping a whirl. i'm not exactly sure why I'm putting myself through this particular agony since I'm relatively sure no one gives a rat's ass and these rambles always end up taking more time than they should. Well, okay. I know _one_ reason why I'm going to be doing this and it's because I only just noticed that certain other con events have entered folklore without a contemporary record. One incident sort of touches on something that happened at Ubercon and went I went back through my LJ archives, I found that I had left it out of the recaps. No doubt, at the time I thought I was being discrete, which dosen't sound like me but it's all I can think of.

So, this past ubercon was actually back after a year-old hiatus. The situation, which I only found out about this time around, is that the owner of the company had moved out to the midwest sometime last year. Since he had no desire to travel back to jersey in order to run the con, his idea was simply to dump the venue here and run an Ubercon in the great lakes region. Two things worked to kick a hole in the bottom of his boat. The first involved the fact that no one showed up at the con out there. I was told that registrations ran around 100 attendees and that included GMs and such. The BG room looked like my experience at the first Betacon, where the few GMs that were there outnumbered attendees. The second unforseen event was the fact that his marriage ended up dissolving for one reason or another. So by the middle of this year, it was back to jersey, and back to trying to find a venue to hold it at.

In the past, Ubercon has always taken place up in Seacaucus but it's played hotel-hop from year to year. For some reason, no place ever wants to host it twice in a row. I have no clue what causes that sort of negativity but maybe someone runs around taking a dump in each bed when the con's over or something. Anyway, the hotel search ran a bit far afield and actually ended up in my backyard which was pretty convienant. It took me less than 10 minutes to get there each day and was only 3 miles or so away. That certainly beat the trip north to Seacaucus hands down.

Anyway, I had signed up to run around 10 games or so, most of them scheduled in a staggered start so I could watch over two tables at the same time. I got there on Friday and things ran pretty smoothly. Steven (TEO) had ended up signing up for a good chunk of my games and in between teaching, I ended up talking shop with other GMs.

The first game I actually played was Cash and Guns run by wanderingasian. I was so impressed with how it ran that it's become the first game I've purchased in over a year. I mean, what's not to love? The game's about gangsters and comes with a half dozen foam guns for you to point at your opponents. Everyone who survives the round (dosen't get shot or drops out due to cowardice) ends up splitting the pot of loot.

Here you can see one sample round. Fun eh? In addition to the normal gameplay rules, there were also extra tack-ons such as special abilities which would give you bonuses for a high bodycount, provide body armor, or allow you to toss a grenade damaging all players if shot.

We played 5 rounds and in the end, I won. Weee. The prize consisted of a dvd copy of Resevoir Dogs and some other burned dvd-r. Speculation of its contents ranged from porn to twisted porn to furry porn. However, wanderingasian claims that there is no porn on it. I never got around to verifying it since I haven't popped the disc into the computer to take a peek. Maybe I'll get around to it one of these days.

And that was more or less Friday as far as gaming went. Steven and I ended up splitting a pastrami sandwich from Harold's and it was fantastic. Harold's is a deli that serves the standard deli fare but in gargantuan sizes. Steven and I ended up splitting one of their small sandwiches, small because it contained only 13 ounches of pastrami. More importantly, the pastrami tasted great and I ended up eating lunch there the next day. In fact, I ended up eating leftovers from Harolds for days on end.

Here's a picture of their desserts. The cakes were like building stones in size. If you were ever going to go out and construct a castle made entirely out of cake, this is a good place to go for supplies.

I did have one runin with some woman in front of the dessert case. Upon seeing it, my response was 'Oh Shit!' in a disbelieving voice to which some old bat standing nearby said something to the effect of 'How rude'. My response was something along the lines of 'Bitch, fuck, cunt?'. Ya, ya, I know. Perhaps not my proudest moment but it was what popped to mind first.
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