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At least she wasn't schticking 13 year olds

Substitute Teacher's Lessons Enrage Parents

HOUSTON -- Parents said they were terrified when they found out what a substitute teacher has been teaching their children, KPRC Local 2 reported Thursday.

Students at MacGregor Elementary School said the substitute makes them call her "Sister Jessica" and take notes of her lessons.

"She said she doesn't want to be called 'Miss' because it means mistress and 'Mister' means slave master," said one of the fifth-graders who did not want to be identified.

"My child does not know what a prostitute is and she shouldn't be learning that at school," said the student's mother.

The student said that the teacher said she was teaching them about health.

"She said sugar is cocaine, McDonald's should be called 'Crack Donald's' and Burger King should be called 'Murder King' because the hormones in the food will kill you," said the student.

The mother recalled when her child came home and asked if a hair permanent and makeup causes cancer. The fifth-grader said she learned that in school and that the teacher said she did not believe in God.

"I take my daughter to school to learn, but not to learn this stuff and what this teacher likes or dislikes," the mother said.

The mother said her daughter is scared to brush her teeth because the teacher told the class there is rat poison in toothpaste.

"The principal at MacGregor Elementary has talked to the substitute teacher and she has promised to stick to HISD curriculum," a Houston Independent School District official said in a written statement.

Parents said they want the substitute teacher out of the classrooms.

It's hard to be surprised when you run across something like this. The standards to be a teacher aren't all that rigorous in a lot of places and a substitute is just a glorified babysitter. It should be no surprise that some of them are just whacky spazzcases. The fact that this was at an elementary school is about the only thing that really makes it unusual. Most of the indoctrination programs don't actually kick in until you're a wee bit older.
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