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Ubercon IX: Day 2

I'm writing this in a notepad file because my internet connection is on the spazz. It does this all where everything slows down to a crawl and connectivity goes out the window. I have no clue what causes it but the problem usually goes away after a hour or two. It's just completely unpredictable. I've been sitting here trying to read a couple articles on Slate and it's taken uncounted number of refreshes just trying to get the pages to load. Since I'm not doing anything useful, I figured that I would go on to the day 2 recap of ubercon. I can always paste it in later when things clear up.

While I got home pretty early on friday, I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. That ended up being the night I sat up and worked on that cookiepuss icon due to insomnia. I managed to get around a hour and a half of sleep overall and overslept for the first event I was supposed to run. By the time I got there, it was around half past but the game itself was in full swing. It turns out that Bernie had signed up for it and she had her own copy so she ended up running it for me. Even better, she had McDonalds hashbrowns she didn't want nor the pancakes from her big breakfast. Not a horrible way to start a day.

I ended up running my events which went more or less as expected. I just don't get that much of a thrill out of running Playroom games anymore. I've been at it too long with too many demos under my belt. Do anything hundreds of times and you'd get sort of bored with it too.

On the plus side, I did get to play a game I really like for the second time. It's called Pow Wow and at this point, those of you PC nazis out there are welcome to throw a fit. The general gist is that it's a lot like indian poker. Everyone is given a headband and randomly selects a feather to put it in. You can see everyone else's feather but not your own. The goal is to tally up the numbers (along with certain special feather effects like double all positive numbers or the highest number = 0) and guess what you think it is without going over. The person to your left then has to guess a higher number than yours or challenge your number. Whoever's wrong ends up getting a buzzard token. 3 buzzards and you're a corpse.

One of the interesting things is we ended up playing in a room that was full of mirrors on the walls. There were the statutory admonitions against peeking and if anyone cheated, I didn't notice. Here you can see me with not only a feather but the Divine Intervention card from Munchkin. It didn't help in the end. I made it past the hump but got eliminated with 3-4 people left.

It's a lot of fun and is a quick and easy game. Much like cash 'n guns, it's a drinking game really. Basically a game that I imagine must be more interesting if everyone is getting sloshed. I've been leaning more toward the simple and easy for a long time now as far as board and card games go. I just don't seem to have as much patience for one of those multi-hour slogs.

By the time I had finished with Pow Wow, Lori had showed up and she, bernie and I decided to head over to Harold's for lunch. First, I got to watch them slog through what might be the most painful game of Scene It ever. It was the Harry Potter movie edition and Lori had decided to participate despite only reading two of the books and seeing none of the movies. My contribution was to keep up a near-continuous stream of mocking and sarcastic comments.

After their dismal defeat we went to lunch and I, once again, got the pastrami sandwich and had another package of leftovers to take home while they ended up splitting a large footlong with fries. One thing that's sort of interesting at Harold's is they have a pickle bar. I've never been all that enamored with pickles in general. I eat them when I run across them but I've never really quite seen the thrill. What I discovered upon sampling is that my sheltared pickle heritage means that I really should avoid some of the more exotic offerings. Those sours are really sour. Actually, I'm not even sure it's sour as much as it just tastes incredibly noxious. Sends a shiver right thorugh you. The pickled vegetable salad was sorta nice though.

After lunch we headed back over to the boardgame room where maigrey, vilhelm and the other Bill had shown up. I never did catch sight of Randy during the con and he had said he was coming. Maybe it's a bit late to wonder if he ended up dying or something 5 days after it's all over. I really should give him a call to make sure that he didn't become a corpse or something.

Anyway, I had to drag the Bills over to see the giant cakes over at Harold's to which vilhelm seems suitably impressed, if a bit skeptical.

After that we ended up playing a couple games of something or other. I can't recall at the moment. In fact, all my memories of that night are a little sketchy for some reason. I think that just means that nothing interesting happened and I ended up spending most of my time just bullshitting with other people. Oh! That's right. At one point I left to go over and play Illuminati. That's why there's such a gap in my memory. It wasn't an overly memorable game, though it had the new expansion Bavarian Firedrill added in. I ended up crushing the competition and ending what often takes 3-4 hours in a hour and a half. I picked up a copy of the new expansion (yay!) which I will probably never end up using (boo!).

On a sidenote, I've never seen so many 11's rolled in my life. I'll wager that at least 15% of the numbers came up as 11. It got me to thinking that it might be some sort of bat signal to drive down to Atlantic City as fast as we could get there.

While I was seeking world domination, everyone else went out to dinner to snag chinese food. By the time I was finished with the game, I was looking to get something to eat too and was thinking fondly of the leftovers out in the car. Just as I was debating whether or not to go, someone in the BG room who had ordered the 'small' sandwich and found that he couldn't finish/didn't want half of it offered it up and I had more pastrami and even more leftovers. All in all, it took till around wednesday until all the pastrami was gone.

Just as everyone got back from dinner, the band rolled in. Some moron had decided to book a band to play at the con. I have no clue what sort of deal was struck but if any money was handed over, it was too much. They were supposed to play in some room down the hall from the gaming but since no one showed up to listen to their noise, they decided to move everything and set up right across from the board game room. This did not endear them to anyone in the area, nor did the fact that their music had the qualities of being both excessively loud and excessively sucky. Some of the con directors went to have an arguement with their guido-looking manager about the situation and in the end, a series of rolling walls was put up in between to drown out the noise.

Before that particular compromise was reached, I was advocating passing a hat around where people could chuck in a dollar or two each. Once we amassed small pile of money we could just chuck it through the door at them and tell them we were buying silence and they should shut the fuck up. While I was trying to organize this endeavor, a couple of their groupies came back and walked from table to table saying things like 'Want to see the band?' 'Come on! Lets go listen to the band!'. It was pretty pathetic really. More so because these girls looked 14. Maybe they weren't groupies but the younger sisters of band members. Either way, it was quite a pathetic thing.

The only other interesting thing to happen that night is that Lori ended up having a proto-seizure of some sort and wound up lying down on the floor of the girl's bathroom during which she engaged in some chitchat with the con founder's new girlfriend. She didn't see fit to inform any of the rest of us, no doubt so we wouldn't make a fuss. Or maybe just because she didn't want to face ridicule for it. The latter is usually my job. She ended up going home early that night and I decided to pack it in too, not bothering to stay for the Werewolf game that is usually one of the highlights of Ubercon for me. I just felt tired and all mcgimpy in general. Even though I went back on the steroids for the duration of the con, it's not like they're miracle cures.

So that was basically day 2. I'll try to get the whole thing wrapped up at some point tommorrow.
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