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Everything you want, if only you wanted anything

I went out and ran a couple errands today, mostly involving deals I found online for games and electronics. Toys R Us is offering up some insane deal where if you buy a copy of Mario Galaxy for the Wii at $50, you get a $25 gift certificate. I picked up two copies on pre-order and I don't even have a Wii. One's going to my sister's huband and the other will probably find its way to ebay.

I also made a couple stops at K-Mart. Turns out that someone in their heirarchy didn't adequitely think through what would happen if they offered a 20% off coupon and didn't restrict electronics from the deal. There are hoards of rabid gamers running around right now picking up Playstation 3's and Xbox 360's for huge discounts. I'd love to get in on the frenzy, but I don't think I want either console. It'd just sit there by the tv looking expensive. I did end up picking up a 8 GB Ipod Nano which one of my sisters requested so she can gift it for christmas.

It's sad that there's nothing I really want. Usually there's some hot toy or gadget or something that I have my eye on. The saddest part is now that there are these killer deals and promotions, I find that there's nothing I want to spend my money on. It would just all end up going to waste in the end. I've even been looking at the Black Friday advertisements and nothing has sparked my interest. I'm thinking about camping out for the sale just so that I can resell everything. I mean, what the hell, I'll probably have nothing better to do.
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