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I ended up heading back out and flogging another one of the printed 20% off coupons at Kmart. I just couldn't help myself. A deal this good is probably never going to happen again, and certainly, there aren't any black friday ones that match up yet. I called a couple Kmarts in the area and after 15 minutes on hold, finally got someone to pick up at the electronics department and confirm that they had some Sony PSP bundles in stock. A trip to somerset later and I'm $171 dollars poorer and a PSP bundle richer. From what I can see, they're selling for over retail on ebay once you factor in the shipping costs. The fees and whatnot will cost end up costing me around 9-14 dollars and I figure I can sell it for $200-$215. So at worst I would make $20 and at best, $35. I guess I could also just keep the darn thing though all the PSP games I'm even slightly interested in are still incredibly pricey.

As you can see, the frenzy has hit ebay and people are selling the coupons there. Some people had over 40 to unload at a time, which basically means they probably work at a store with a pharmacy and looted them for a profit. It's definitely worthwhile to pay a couple of bucks in order to save $40-$100. With all the attention, I can't imagine Kmart will continue to take the home printed versions I got away with yesterday. It seems like everyone is getting the chance to cash in. It almost feels like christmas.
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