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Swastika Update

Freshman Sarah Marshak confessed to drawing more than three swastikas on her door but told The Hatchet she only drew the final three.

University officials said Marshak was dishonest in statements to the media and the University Police Department has a signed confession stating she drew more than three of the hate symbols.

"(It is) important to note that the victim has been dishonest with (The Hatchet) already," UPD Chief Dolores Stafford said.

Marshak, who traveled to Florida earlier this week, drew at least five swastikas, according to a high-level University official. The official is being granted anonymity because he or she is not authorized to speak about the case.

Marshak, formerly a Hatchet reporter, could face harsher penalties for lying, Stafford said.

Stafford also confirmed a camera placed by UPD, not the FBI, caught Marshak drawing the swastika.

The University announced Monday that Marshak drew the swastikas on her own door. She said she only drew three in an attempt to highlight the University's inaction in handling an initial swastika drawn on her door Oct. 23.

Marshak said Tara W. Pereira, the director of Student Judicial Services, informed her she would likely be expelled.

Well, I can see how mistakes could be made. I mean, who can really remember how many swastikas they draw on their own door? It's like when you go out and erect burning crosses on your own lawn. After a couple hours, I'm damned if I can remember if it was 3 or half a dozen. I think I just get mesmorized by the cheery flames. For some reason, marshmallows always taste better when you toast them on your own burning cross.

All in all, I think the administrators over at GWU should have realized something was up right from the start. Here's the picture that was included with the news story. Note the caption underneath:

Freshman Sarah Marshak walks back to her room with UPD after reporting a swastika on her door.

Riiiiight. Because most people get all dressed up to go and report hate crimes. Hmmm, what sort of dress goes with anti-semitism, anyway? I see she at least forgoed the matching purse.

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