In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

It's colder than a witch's titties out there*

Jesus Christ, it's cold as a motherfucker out there. The weather channel site puts it at 6 degrees, though it feels like -9 with windchill. I guess that's something like -30 or something for celcius people? Frankly, I've still never figured out that whole celsius/farenheit thing, even after that disastrous post about it on the sissyfight boards. All I can recall is that it's supposed to be 5/9ths of one + 32 or something like that. Welp, maybe one of the canadians can convert it. All I know is that it's fucking cold as hell. If there are homeless people running around I don't see how they keep from turning into icicles unless they find some place with at least some heating and shielding from the wind. Frankly, I'm still surprised old people croak in this weather, the ones who have homes but no heat. You'd think if you just kept putting on clothes and piling on blankets you'd be fine. It's one thing to go out with no gloves, no hat, and your jacket unzipped, and complain it's cold, but I'm sure if I had to, I'd do okay with the right supplies. It's like the one and only time I've ever experienced chills. I thought ti was the flu but have been informed it was probaly food poisoning. I went home, threw every blanket I owned over my head and every article of clothing too just to make hte pile bigger. I made a vat of hot chocolate and then descended into my lair. It worked out pretty well and ended up passing by the time I woke up. Total time of illness: 8 hours or so. I was sorta disapointed that it wasn't hte flu. I'd been wondering what it's like forever. I'm starting to think it dosen't really exist and it's just a bad cold people like to bitch and complain about.

WElp, sitting here in the lab in my jacket has warmed me up. I'm actually starting to feel overwarm so I'm going to remove the jacket as soon as I finish typing this. I'm back in the lab to work on a presentation I have to give tommorrow in a little less than 14 hours. Then on tuesday it's churning out more rat surgeries. Then it'll be running the batch I hacked up on friday. Bleh. The real problem is that I haven't been sleeping well lately. I usually prefer to preface these all nighters with a lot of sleep and lately I haven't been getting it. Not in the quantitiy and certainly the quality that I want. Maybe it's time ot just start popping more meds or something.

*From a book I read by elizabeth moon I believe. Pretty spiffy series.

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