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Materialism: Why not?

I trekked out earlier today to pick up my Super Mario Galaxy pre-orders from Toys R Us. I managed to get both copies without a hitch, which was sort of surprising given the amount of difficulties others are experiencing. Some forum posts I've read have people reporting lines wrapped throughout the store and situations where there were over a hundred pre-orders but only 20 games shipped to fill them. Those unlucky SOBs in california missed out altogether as DHL had a shipping snafu and no Toys R Us's received their shipments.

The reason why so many people are swarming over the deal? Well, it's a brand new release of the premier game for the Wii and if you purchase it this week for $50 (retail price) you get a $25 Toys R Us gift certificate and a commemorative coin if you pre-order. People would be snapping up this game at retail cost even if nothing came with it. Effectively pricing it at 50% off caused a stampede. I mean, hell, I got 2 of them and I don't even own a Wii. One copy will be going to Connie and Jeff, and I haven't yet figured out what to do with the other yet. I could flog it online for pretty much retail price (net gain: 1 25$ gift certificate), I could give it as a gift for christmas, or I could keep it around on the offchance I decide to acquire a Wii. If I'm smart, I'll just sell the thing and be done with it.

I got my pink umbrella in the mail today too. I opened it up and gave it a couple manly, non-girly twirls. It looks pretty spiffy overall. Whether or not the costume works out will depend on what sort of fabric I can track down and how I end up making those little hello goblins. It seems to be pretty sturdy so I don't think I have to worry all that much about it snapping under the weight of the cloth as long as I don't go picking the equivalent of shag carpeting. If I remember at some point, I'll snap and post a couple pictures of the umbrella.

Oh, and the James Patterson books arrived too. I dunno when I'll start reading those but it shoudl be fun.
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