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Christmas Gift Exchange

I'm sort of on the fence about whether I want to try a Christmas1 gift exchange whozit for LJ this year. I'm usually a big fan of secret Santa whozits, though my particpation in the last few has netted me some questionable items. Seriously, who the hell still gives out magic 8-balls in this day and age? The girl was Swedish though, and a bit of a flake to boot so many she thought it'd be cool and kitchy.

Anyway, since there's no way to work out a secret Santa on LJ and have it work (after all, most of you on the f-list don't know one another and I wouldn't want to see anyone else ranomly screwed by not getting something), I was thinking of just doing a straight up gift exchange. Basically, I send you some god awful piece of junk you loathe and you return the favor. I figured I'd try to get a headcount of how many people would be interested to begin with and then use that to establish some sort of ground rules as to $ limits and the like.

I would be interested in participating in a christmas gift exchange


1: Being an individual who celebrates: Jewmas, Kwanza, Festivus, Boxing day, or any other similar holiday does not exclude you from this program. Simply substitute 'Christmas' with your holiday of choice.
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