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We don't shake hands around here. Bend over.

On the heels of the guy marrying a dog and the unfortunate situation with the horse-"lover", it seems that CNN has a video taken at a giant furry convention in Tennessee.

Video clip

I just don't get furries really. It seems pretty messed up in a whole lot of ways, and that dosen't even get to the whole sexual angle. In the past, I've had some people object with the arguement that as a gamer, I should be more sympathetic to those who like to dress up in giant fursuits and roll around on top of one another. I guess the point being that as a member of a group that's often socially maligned and contains a lot of 'die hards', I should feel some sort of kinship. I guess that makes a sort of sense in the same way that since I eat the meat of animals, I should understand why cannibals do what they do. Pass the ketchep, eh?

About the only people more screwed up in this whole sphere as far as I'm concerned are otherkin. Hell, at least most of the furries I've bumped into realize that they're not really foxes or badgers or whatever. They're simply individuals that for one reason or another, like to stink up a full sized fursuit a few times a year and maybe get their freak on with some chick wearing a giant marmot head. To actually think that you're descended from dragons and the like is truly the realm of psychotic delusions.
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