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Malaise Daze

I feel like I've been drugged. Well, drugged with addtional drugs that I'm not, myself, taking. The entire day has passed as a murky sort of haze for me. I've felt sort of muddleheaded and just perpetually drowsy. It might just be subsequent days of not enough sleep catching up to me in the end. Whenever speed becomes sporadic, it's also less restful. Even if it all adds up to 8-10 hours or whatever, it still only feels like 4-5. I'm sure that's also due at least partly to pain issues. I mean, I've seen those studies which say that crappy mattresses or odd sleeping positions can affect the quality of sleep. That certainly has to take second place to the feeling you're being stabbed with needles.

I spent a good chunk of time reading the first two books of the Alex Cross series and I'm about halfway through the third. The only thing I find sort of obnoxious is that there's a real current of 'it's all whitey's fault' running through it which always sort of galls me. I mean, it's fine for people to write whatever they want since it's fiction, but I just don't see it as being a great idea to have self-proclaimed racists as lovey snuggly characters. I guess it's supposed to show the whole three-dimensional aspect of people, but something about it just gives me the willies.

Overall, the early Alex Cross books have been much, much better than some of the Women's Murder Club ones he's been cowriting lately. Those have just been incredibly insipid. It feels like the equivalent of 'See Jack. See Jack Run. See Jack Stab Sue.' as if it were written for near-illiterate morons. Hell, for all I know, that's the target demographic.
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