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Do you hear the people sing?

Sometimes I think it would make things a whole lot easier if I just stopped making entries on the LJ and just switched over to voice posts. It's easier for a lot of reasons, mostly because I can do it from anywhere with the cell and I don't have to sit here tap, tap, tapping at the computer. I guess I would still have to post links and videos to whatever I was rambling on about, but that would have to be easier and quicker than the alternative. Of course, the main downside is I'm not sure that anyone wants to listen to me prattle on. It's easy to read something because you have control. It's easy to skip or browse or search. It requires a bit more committment to listen to someone babble without knowing if it was worth your time to begin with.

That said, I've always been curious how podcasts and webcasts survive when they're not about some set topic. Well, okay, I can see how the latter survives. All you need is some semi-hot chick on the video and there are guys out there who would watch her for hours reading the damn telephone book. I've never really been a podcast listener and those that I have sampled have always been able something interesting I care about. So I might listen to Tracy Hickman's podcast over at DragonHearth to see what projects he's up to or listen to the ones at True Adventures to hear them discussing past and current dungeons. I've never run across any podcast which is just some schlub rambling on about his thoughts or his day, much like your average blog but without the memes. Do any of you out there actually listen to such podcasts? Do they even exist?

I'm sure it's all a moo point anyway. It might make things easier entry-wise, but I'd find it just as obnoxious to find past posts I was looking for or trying to edit things or whatever. I never end up listening to the voiceposts I make because, like most people, the sound of my own voice sort of wiggs me out. It never quite sounds like the voice I hear in my head when I speak and that's sort of unnerving. From what I recall reading, it all has to do with the special acoustics of your own skull. You always sound better to yourself than you will on any recording you hear. I just found a sciency paper about the phenomenom, but if you don't want to read through research babble, you can just take my word for it.

I guess the upshot is, if even you don't want to listen to yourself, why would anyone else?
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