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You'll go blind doing that

I read too much. Not all the time but ever once and a while when the right sort of conditions hit all that once. When I've got a buncha books I've been wanting to work my way through I end up plowing along at a really disturbing rate. In the past three days I've finished 3 and a half of the Alex Cross books, Start of Darkness, and just wrapped up Terry Goodkind's Confessor.

It's a pattern that pretty much started when I was a kid. I used to read voraciously and I would usually finish any book in one sitting. I was actually baffled back then by the way that some people could simply read a chapter or two at a time and then put it aside. I used to think one of my friends was daft because he would read a few pages of whatever book each night and take weeks if no months to finish something. If I opened a cover, then the chances were good that I wouldn't stir until I finished it, sleep or whatever be damned. At that rate, I often ran out of things to read and would work my way through anything my sisters had handy. I'm probably the only non-gay person with a Y chromosome who has read dozens of The Babysitter's Club books. Hell, I can still remember a hell of a lot about the series, and probably more than is healthy. On a sidenote, I liked Mary Anne best. I also managed to get a smattering of Sweet Valley High and assorted romance novels. I'm sure none of that is particularly healthy for the psyche.

Anyway, I'm in the middle of another run and I'm sure I'll zip through the rest of the Alex Cross books within a week. I'll probably be back at some point to jot down more in-depth reviews and notes.
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