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The Children are our future

And dosen't the future look like shit lately.

Three boys, 8 and 9, charged with raping 11-year-old girl

MARIETTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Three boys, ages 8 and 9, were charged Monday with raping an 11-year-old girl last week, court officials and police said.

"Never in my 20-plus years of law enforcement have I conceived of something like this," Police Chief Michael Wilkie of Acworth, Georgia, told CNN.

Clad in blue jumpsuits, the two 9-year-olds and one 8-year-old appeared in court in Cobb County, north of Atlanta, on Monday afternoon and were ordered to remain in custody until a further hearing. Family members were in court for their appearance, which was closed to reporters.

Wilkie said the girl told investigators she was raped Thursday evening. She was examined by doctors after her family reported the allegation late Saturday, and investigators questioned her extensively on Sunday, he said.

The father of one of the boys told The Associated Press that no force was used against the girl, and said the allegations have been leveled because the accuser "didn't want to get in trouble with her parents."

But Wilkie said children that young cannot legally consent to sex, "so we have to go with the charges we have."

He told the AP one of the boys was accused of threatening to hit the girl with a rock before the alleged assault.

He also said the investigation is "far from over," and investigators are looking into claims that after the alleged attack, the girl talked about it with her friends at a slumber party, the AP reported.

Precocious little bastards, eh? Just when you think things couldn't get any more scummy, there's always new horizons of previously undiscovered scum.

There's something sort of odd every time I read one of these stories. I always try to think back to when I was that age and try to sort out if I could have been capable of making a descision like that. Lets see, in this case the kids were 8 and 9 years old. That would be....3rd to 4th grade. It sounds incredibly young, but I have pretty clear recollections of that time in my life and I remember being pretty rational. Maybe it's just an effect of hindsight, being unable to seperate my current mental state from what it would have been like back then, but I just don't see myself at that age choosing to do something like this and having no idea what in the world it meant.

Oh well. Because of a gag order, we're unlikely to hear anything more about this case until it gets resolved. It's times like this I really think that my abortion fix should be instituted. Abortion of fetuses becomes illegal across the board. Abortion of 8-15 year olds is then legalized. I figure by then you can sort of deduce if you've got a bad seed sprouting. Add some checks and balances like a review panel and run with it.
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