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I <3 the internets

Isn't it great to have something at your fingertips that can answer all of life's pesky little problems? How long should I cook my turkey for? Why, ask google and you will find hundreds of helpful little responses as to exactly how you should proceed. Ever wonder how many toes a tyrannosaurus had? A couple more clicks and there it is. (On a sidenote, I actually went and looked it up, the answer is 3 on each foot)

That said, every once and a while you find one of those question/answer sites that just baffles you for a moment. Here's what I found a few days ago on an un-related search about kidney stones.

Question: I’m 14 and a virgin. Recently my penis started to bleed every month or so and it hurts. What could this be?

Erm. I just find the question sort of baffling. I find it hard to believe that someone would be there tapping out 'monthly bleeding penis' into google and go 'Ah ha! That's what I've been wondering about!' i'd like to believe that most people, if their penis was streaming blood each month, would head over to the doctor rather than run google searches. I think this falls into the category of things you shouldn't be bothering the internet with. Other situations that fall into this category might entail, 'I've just been shot in the head with a bullet, should I hold a warm or cold compress to the wound?'. Hell, I'm not sure I'd believe some internet site anyway, even if I were to solicit advice.

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