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It's begining to feel a lot like Flipmas

So, Thankgiving was nothing overly spectacular. I spent most of my time watching March of the Penguins rather than socializing. I'm still not sure how I feel about these sort of documentaries. On one level, they're fun and engrossing and on another, they're the most henious form of brainwashing propoganda you're likely to ever run across. There's something about having just the right mixture of cute animals mixed with the right editing, narration, and soundtrack that would make someone running a Stalinist re-education camp weep out of inadequecy. People can't help but anapamorphize what they're seeing and the narriator helps them along, painting the actions of animals with human emotions and intentions.

In general, the messages sent have been pretty fluffy and PC, but I wonder if it'd be possible to take something really repugnant and with the nature documentary as your tool, twist public opinion. Hell, I wonder why I'm even wondering about this. I'm absolutely sure it's been done before and it's only my lack of knowledge that even has me pondering this. I'm sure it's not uncommon since it's far better to simply use animals as models when they fit whatever your particular whackyass world view is. You know, the whole, animals don't murder (except in this cases where they do) or the whozit about those gay penguins and other animals. Though you don't usually see people advocating rape by saying, 'hey, the ducks do it so why can't we?'. Besides, even if you did, you'd only run into some sort of counter-activism.

Anyway, this has ranged a bit far afield. After getting home from Thanksgiving, I realized there really wasn't anything I wanted that I was willing to sit outside and wait around for so I passed on the whole overnight Black Friday thing. I went to bed and woke up around a hour ago to make my bladder gladder. One the way back, I noticed the 'WII AVALIABLE' signal flashing on my desktop. Turns out amazon had more in stock and I jumped on it like a lion on a gazelle. As long as my orders don't get canceled (which is always a possibility) I have 6 Wii's coming to me which will ship out around 12/4. I'm not looking for an obscene amount of profit, so I figure it'll be easy to flip them. The prices on ebay have reached insane proportions, with people asking and getting 500+. At the very worst, I'll at least break even on the deal.
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