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Are you there, God? It's me, Henry.

It's sorta funny really. I was just thinking about religion and pondering the fact that all in all, I think it's been a generally positive force in society in the modern age. I suppose that's sort of odd given that I have no religion of my own. Frankly, given my nature it's probably a miracle that I'm not an aethist. God knows that one more cynical, bitter troll would hardly go noticed in that crowd.

Still, I can't help but believe that religion has done a lot of good and each day motivates millions of anonymous little people to be just a little bit better than they might otherwise have been. It must also be incredibly comforting to know in your heart that the universe has a purpose and that there is a creator who loves and cares about your welfare. All of that low-level good across the globe is more than enough to counter the horrors we do see when religion runs amok IMO. I guess it's kinda like the whole school shootings thing. School violence has been going down for decades across the board, but most people would never believe that because we always hear about the large scale and sensationalised FUBARs.

The only thing I'm really ambivalent about nowadays is Islam. I'm not quite sure I can really apply the positive label to it. I wholly believed the 'it's a religion of peace' and 'it's been hijacked by extremists' talking points, or at least I did in years past. After a while, you just see a little too much and you wonder. It dosen't help that every once and a while someone runs over to the middle east to run public opinion polls and ends up finding that bunches of people think it's okay to blow up a bus to make a point.

Ah, well.
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