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One little, two little, three little ratties. Four little, five little, bleeding little ratties

Welp, I finished another 5 surgeries today. That pretty much takes care of the lot and now it's just waitin for them to heal and handling them a bit until the study starts. Also found the drugs that I'm going to use including a pretty big jar of nicotine. Did you know that nicotine developed as an insecticide? That's why tobbaco plants aren't usually bothered...anything that eats them, dies. Most of the nicotine is actually burned up in the smoking process but each year a few kids croak from eating their parents cigarettes. The stuff is pretty damn toxic. The other drug I'm using actually just killed someone at Johns Hopkins a couple years ago and caused that shutdown that occurred there. Some PI was using the stuff as an inhalent without FDA approval, tested one of his own students working in the lab and she croaked a couple days later of respiratory failure. I think I'm actually going to wear a mask for this one when I weigh it out.

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