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I haven't been making entries as often over the past few days because things have generally become more crappy from a pain management point of view. The default level of unpleasantness has ratchetted up a few notches recently and that means even sitting at the computer for stretches of time becomes unpleasant. I've tried to avoid it if I can help it and thus, less LJ entries. I sometimes wonder if maybe it really would be worthwhile to pick up a copy of that voice to text program maigrey mentioned recently. That might end up killing two birds with one stone giving me the ease of voice posts and not requiring sitting here.

Oh well, lets do a quick recap of recent events:

  • Gameday/poker tournament at Stephen's place this past Saturday. I decided to participate in the tourney but around a hour or so into it decided I had had enough poker for one day. I decided to 'gift' my chips to someone else at the table just so I could limp off, find some water and pop some pills. After that, it was mostly playing board and card games with Bernie, Karen, Lori, Ruth, Eddie, and some other people. Nothing really spectacular. I held up pretty well overall, though I decided to make an early exit around 9 or so.

  • The Wii's (3 of them anyway) have shipped and should be here Wednesday at the latest. Weee. There's an interesting bit of discrepancy that might end up making things even better. Amazon customer service reps can't seem to come to a decision whether the Wii's sold on black friday were part of a special bundle or not. The product description when I ordered mine said that in addition to the normal console, it would come with Wii Play and an extra Numchuck. I, and other people, have called and asked if we will receive it or if it's an error and the results have been mixed. I was told that there was no mistake and I should be getting the extras. If that pans out, it's more important than getting another 70 dollars worth of crap because having those additional items will boost the purchase price on ebay quite a bit. I'm just hoping that prices stay high until I can offload all of them. I figure I can make at least $100 per console. If I were lucky and the extra items come through then I'd be looking at a minimum of $200 per.

  • Final tally on the Christmas Gift Exchange seems to be 6 people participating. If you really still want in and had simply been procrastinating, please let me know ASAP. I figure I'll start browsing about and see what might make for nice gifts soon. What I had planned to give previously fell through so it's back to the old drawing board.

  • I picked up Guild Wars and I'm interested in seeing if I'll like it as much as some people think I will. It's often been recommended to me because of my vehement hatred of pay-by-the-month games. I actually first ordered a copy of it from Best Buy but apparently I haven't ordered from there in ages. I wasn't paying attention and just selected the default shipping address which happens to still be set to Chicago. I called their customer service line but they say there's nothing they can do about it and since they will end up mailing it to the correct listed address, I'm FUBAR'ed. I ended up ordering another copy off of Amazon and I'm still hoping that I can somehow get my money back from Best Buy. Oh, I also picked up the Nightfall expansion and that new one...err...something east? I have no clue what either of them do but I figured if I was going to give this a whirl I might as well get more than just the base game. The irony of course is that given how things are going, I wonder if I'm actually going to be able to sit here to play it and get my money's worth.

I think that's about it. If I think of anything else, I'll just edit and add it to the list.
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