In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

Place your bets, $10 gets you $20

Yay! Most of my Wii's are selling on ebay for $0.99. Hot damn, I'm rich now. It's still early but it's always a pain to watch the items just sit there at values like that and just know that you have rows and rows of vulture bidders sitting and waiting. I wish more of them would just make a bid already so I can at least establish a basement price. Everything's scheduled to end on Sunday and I'm starting to feel a little antsy. It seems pretty clear that prices are starting to dip from the sheer spike in supply. The average price for what I'm selling still looks pretty good, but the minimums are starting to enter a scary sort of territory.

I picked up each Wii for $250 and I've added on another $70 worth of games and components, bringing the base cost to $320. The price on ebay seems to be averaging around $550 at the moment, but it's gotten as low as $450. I was really hoping to be able to make a net of $200 per console and that's going to be in jeopardy if the price continues to slide. The odd part is the price for just the console is actually rising a bit. It's now at least 50 dollars higher on average than it was when I checked around a week ago. The whole point to buy and add the extras is it made for a better profit margin. That margin is now shrinking and I'm just worried it'll reverse.

Feh. I'm probably fretting over nothing here. It's going to end up as it ends up and there's notta I can do to make it better at this point. The thing that makes it more annoying is that Amazon is welshing on their product description. That's why I had to go out and buy the $70 worth of additional crap in the first place. The extras weren't included in the package and they seem to have no intention of hororing what their webpage said I would be receiving. I filed a dispute for $70 x 3 with the credit card company but who knows how that will pan out. If I end up winning or Amazon decides to come through in the end, I can stop worrying about this whole mess. No matter how the bidding goes on eBay, I'll have made what I wanted to at a minimum.
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