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Welp, 9 hours left to go and bids are slowly creeping upwards. I trekked out today into the middle of the blasted snow to get to Toys R Us right when it opened. Choosing to wear a pair of sandals out into the snow was definitely a mistake. The reason for the journey was that they were offering a sale where if you bought Super Mario Galaxy, any other Wii game would be 50% off. I ended up picking up 3 SMG's and 3 copies of Wii Play. That gives me a total of 4 copies of SMG which I can bundle with the four remaining Wii's I haven't listed on ebay yet, and I can return 3 of the Wii Plays I bought at full price to Amazon. To make it better, I had a $10 off coupon that I was able to use and $50 worth of gift cards from the previous SMG promotion.

On a sidenote, I know most of you don't fucking care about what I'm selling on ebay, much less what I'm actually getting for it. For the most part, this is your own fucking fault anyway. I ran a poll a while back asking people what sort of content they generally wanted to see and a majority of individuals poorly chose to have more personal entries. You poor fools. This is the sort of claptrap around which my life revolves at the moment. If you were smart, you would have chosen to have more Satanic Cat Watches or the like.

Hmmm, speaking of other content. I'm sort of curious about what's become of CBG. She hasn't made a new entry in ages and thus, I haven't had my regular dose of spazzertainment. I hope she hasn't gone and killed herself or something. I guess I could go and try to search out a replacement but I'm not sure I want to wade through all of the emo crap in LJ-land. If anyone has any suggestions of someone deserving to be a CBG replacement, let me know.
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