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Well, it wasn't all that I hoped for in the end but it ended up being respectable. I had been hoping to reach a $200 profit per auction and I think it's clear I missed that by a good chunk. The final price ended up ranging from $477 to $510. Add another $30 for shipping and insurance and we're looking at $507 to $540. It's around $17 for ebay fees, $15 for paypal fees, $7 for insurance fees, $15 (guesstimate) for shipping, for a net of $450 to $486. Subtract the cost of the console itself along with the Wii Play and Numchuks and we're looking at....around $150 worth of profit per auction.

I guess it's not bad but I can't help but feeling a little disapointed. It's hard not to when you see some of the ridiculous prices some of the other auctions got.
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