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Bleh. I fucking hate the SSA. It's worse than just about any organization I've ever had to deal with, bar none. Not only are there absurdly rigid policies, such as the $3.57 fiasco, but I end up failing to receive all sorts of mail from them I should be getting and it's impossible to get through to them on the phone.

It's been around a month since I sent back the documents needed for the informal meeting appeal and I've gotten absolutely zilch back. It's as if the entire thing fell into the black hole of bureaucracy and vanished. I decided to call last Thursday and after spending a good chunk of time on hold, got transferred to the person who was supposed to be handling my case. Of course, I never got to speak to her since it went automatically to voicemail where I dutifully left my information like in times past. I have never received a call back or any indication that any of my messages have gotten through either in the past or in this particular instance.

I tried calling again today and spent over 2 hours on hold. Actually, it may have been longer since at some point I actually fell asleep waiting for someone to pick up. One of the most infuriating parts of this entire pissy situation is the god damn voice recordings I'm forced to listen to that repeat every 30 seconds or so. After around 15-minutes, I'm overwhelmed with the need to find the woman who recorded the message and shoot her in the face. What's incredibly galling is that the message always starts with her saying 'Here's an idear(sic)'. There's no fucking 'r' in idea you stupid, gibbering cretin. NO FUCKING 'R'! It's not idear, it's idea, god damnit. Listening to her say 'idear' over and over is like pounding a screwdriver into my ear and I can't think of any rational response other than swift and blinding violence.

I fucking hate the SSA. I fucking hate this woman. I hope the god damn building explodes killing all those within.
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