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Welp, I sold the extra Western Digital My Book on ebay. I listed it with a BIN price of $114.95 which might have been a bit low given the fact that someone snapped it up within a couple of hours. It's always hard to know exactly where to set your prices for things like that and I've had enough of auctions for the time being. The whole uncertainty of it all is driving me bonkers. I might have ended up earning an additional $10 or so by putting it up for auction but this ends up saving me a bit of stress and since I can mail it tommorrow when some of the Wii's go out, also saves me another trip to the post office. That's worth at least a few dollars right off the bat.

Anyway, the $20 I charged for shipping should come close to covering both fees and the actual shipping costs so things are pretty copacetic on that front. No muss and no fuss.

As for the Wii's, I still haven't received payment on one of the auctions and it's starting to grate on my nerves. WTF is with some people and their inability to pay promptly? It's ecspecially irksome since they got a pretty good price for the bundle, certainly far than a good chunk of the other auctions I've seen. You'd think they'd happily pay up just in the hopes that I don't end up changing my mind about selling it to them and wanting to receive it by Christmas.

I also got an email off of Craig's List the other day. It had purportedly been from someone inquiring about the Wii's. Since I had listed a pretty high price there and added to the issues with the person who hadn't payed yet, I was more than happy to entertain the idea of selling it locally instead. I sent back a quick message that stated the bundle was still avaliable and that I was willing to meet at some 3rd party location in order to swap it for cash on delivery. Today I received the following email in response.

> Hello ,
I received your email regarding the enquariy. If you
want to sell it now im willing to offer $580.I can
pay you right now with a USPS POSTAL MONEY ORDER ,I
won't be able to come look at it,due to the nature
of my profession, and there short notice traveling
jobs, I had to leave town and will be back in a week
or two so i'll forward your details to my client to
make the my payment payable to you in order not to
delay. Can i have your contact info with phone
number to proceed with payment.It will be sent to
you via UPS courier.It will be picked up by the
freight forwarding company as soon as you confirm
cleared funds and all documents will be signed by


Fucking scaming assholes. Here's a clue, asshat, get someone who actually speaks and writes English fluently to draft these ridiculous messages for you and maybe you shouldn't offer to pay more than I was actually requesting.

At this point, I'm thinking seriously of stringing this jackass along for a while and seeing how things turn out. If nothing else, I've never seen a fake USPS money order before and that might be sorta spiffy. Of course, I'm sure things will get far more convoluted almost immediately.

Alrighty, lets put it to the masses:

Should I respond to the scammer and play along just to see what happens?

Yes, I've always wanted to see a fake USPS money order too
Yes, do it for the lulz if nothing else
No, it's not worth the time and energy
No, you don't want some Nigerian nutjob to have your address/phone #

If 'Other', please elaborate:

Poll ends Wednesday morning, at which point I will either respond to the email or chuck it into the trash.

Update: Looks like the vote is 'No' by a 5 to 4 margin with most people feeling it's unwise to dick around with Nigerian nutjobs who have your home address. All this does is remind me that I should go out and buy myself a shotgun or something.
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