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That's pretty fucked up right there....

8-year-old girl shot six times saving mom

DETROIT, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- Detroit officials are praising the heroism of an 8-year-old girl shot six times while shielding her mother from an assailant.

Police arrested Calvin Tillie, 29, following the shooting incident involving Alexis Goggins, 8, and her mother, Selietha Parker, 30, at a Detroit gas station Sunday night, The Detroit News reported Wednesday.

Tillie took the women at gunpoint in a friend's sport utility vehicle following a confrontation at Parker's home. The driver of the vehicle -- a friend of Parker's, Aisha Ford -- said she needed to stop for gas.

"I figured if (Tillie) got out to pump the gas, I was going to take off," Ford said.

Ford tried to phone 911 several times and stalled at the gas station, agitating Tillie.

Parker was pleading for her life when Tillie allegedly shot her in the head. Goggins begged Tillie to stop and jumped between her mother and the gunman, the newspaper said.

Then Tillie "without hesitation" shot the child six times in the eye, left temple, chin, cheek, chest and right eye, The Detroit Free Press said Wednesday, citing the official police report.

Tillie, a four-time convicted felon, is expected to be arraigned Dec. 13.

Goggins was recovering from her wounds and Parker has been discharged from the hospital.

This just helps to add to my general belief that Detroit is a sewar. I've always imagined it as a larger version of Newark, both places I try never to venture near if I can help it. My second thought upon reading this story is what sort of pop-gun was this guy using? He shot the mom in the head and she's already out of the hospital a few days later? He shoots the girl 5 times in the head and she's still alive? You'd think even a derringer would do more damage than that are close range. Assuming that we don't find out that it was actually a BB gun or something, this might be the luckiest bunch of shooting victims I can remember reading about recently.
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