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Fool me twice.....shame on me

God damn gift exchanges. They always end up causing more grief than they should. I had decided what I would be sending out to everyone and was going to have the website I was making the purchase from, mail it directly. For weeks now, I've been waiting for one last person to send me her mailing address and it's just dragged on and on and on. I had been hoping to purchase and send a bunch of them in one transaction so I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. I just checked online a few minutes ago and found that one of the items had gone out of stock. Fuck. This blows chunks. So in addition to the missing address, I have to decide whether or not to wait a bit longer and see if this item goes back in stock.

I am not a happy camper and the worst part is, I should have known better.

And it all ends happily ever after. Well, sort of. The last address is in and a large chunk of the gifts are on their way out. I ran into one last website related frakup that ended up costing me an additional $10, but there's notta to be done about it at this point. I have to get around to mailing a few things to Canada and one package down to Florida, but after that, I can stick a fork in the whole thing for another year.
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